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From Concept to Reality with Actionable Data

First Run: April 16, 2020

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About This Product

Target audience: This presentation is for both decision makers and content creators alike who need to know the underlying principles behind making data actionable.  People who want more than just a pretty graph, but rather need the foundation laid for best practices in creating a compelling visualization story with their data, thus turning their ideas into reality.
Main points covered:
• Anyone can make a pretty bar graph, but can you make sound decisions based on that graph? How do you turn flashy conceptsinto actionable visualizations? Can you see the end result? Do you have the vision & drive to make your ideas become reality?
• What value do you see in your data? Does it answer a question, solve a problem, or help you make a decision? Learn how to capitalize on this concept by leveraging your ideas into a cohesive PUSH/PULL strategy for both short term AND long term.
• When RIGIDITY meets FLEXIBILITY why do you get COMPLEXITY? In this session, see the 5 "Stages of the Spectrum" in action while discovering the difference between impact and influence, and how that plays into best practices for making data actionable.
Speaker:Dr. Joseph W. Perez ("Joe"), Senior Systems Analyst / Team Lead, NC Dept of Health & Human Services.