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Minneapolis, Minn. --- December 5, 2019 --- The Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics & the Health Care Compliance Association (SCCE & HCCA) is pleased to release our 2019 salary survey reports. These surveys, last conducted in 2019, contain the latest information about compensation for the corporate compliance and healthcare compliance communities.

“Compliance is a fast-growing profession, and the data reflects the expansiveness of professionals in various industries worldwide,” said Adam Turteltaub, Vice President of Strategic Initiatives & International Programs at SCCE & HCCA. “This data can help compliance professionals and their employers to better understand and evaluate their compensation packages.”

Earlier this year, we surveyed compliance and ethics professionals on their compensation. The salary information was strictly confidential and administered by Fondulas Strategic Research LLC, an independent professional survey research firm located in East Sandwich, MA. Survey results are presented for both the total sample of survey respondents, and for specific segments within the sample, to allow organizations to more easily compare its own data to the results of individuals with similar characteristics.

Reported data includes the average salary for each position, salary by geographic region and industry, and a comparison between certified and non-certified professionals.

The following survey reports are available for download:
  • Cross-Industry Chief Compliance Officer and Staff Salary Surveys [download]
  • Healthcare Chief Compliance Officer and Staff Salary Surveys [download]