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Handouts - 2017 - Regional - New Orleans

New Orleans Regional Conference
Friday, April 21, 2017
New Orleans, LA

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Calculating the Cost of Data Breaches & Building a Business Case for a Cyber Risk Program

Gregory J. Ehardt, JD, LLM, VP, Chief Compliance and Privacy Officer, CHRISTUS Health
Bob Chaput, CEO, Clearwater Compliance

  • Determine the financial cost of a breach of PHI for your healthcare organization to help inform decisions about safeguarding your assets.
  • Understand how to build a business case to protect cybersecurity investments.
  • Prepare a plan to stay on top of evolving threats to healthcare organizations, and patient safety.
  • Learn urgent steps to move from reactive to a sustainable, business-driven approach to cybersecurity and protecting patient safety.

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Presentation (3 slides/page)

Compliance Department of One

Jessie Smith, MHA, CHC, VP of Professional Services, Compliance Partners, LLC

Kim Singletary, Administrator, Radiology Associates, LLC
Sandra Keller RN, BSN, CHC, VP Corporate Compliance, Lafayette General Health
Becky Reeves, MSW, CHC, Compliance and Privacy Officer - Patient Advocate, Lallie Kemp Medical Center
Jonathan Brouk, JD, Director, Compliance & Privacy Officer, Children’s Hospital- LCMC

  • Reactive vs. Proactive: Creating a strong compliance infrastructure
  • Building a resume of compliance and a resource toolkit
  • Strategies for expanding the reach of Compliance in a small department

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Evaluating Your Compliance Program for Best Practice

Bret Bissey, FACHE, CHC, Healthcare Compliance Executive, Consultant, MediTract
​​​​​​​Paul Weidenfeld, Attorney, Law Offices of Paul Weidenfeld, Co-Founder, Exclusion Screening, LLC

  • Practical suggestions for conducting the assessment of your compliance program to ultimately reduce overall organizational compliance risk.
  • Learn how to utilize the elements of the DHHS OIG Model Compliance Program(s) to develop a work plan to perform this assessment.
  • Learn how to evaluate whether you can perform this activity with internal resources, external experts, or a combination of both.

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Hospital-Physician Contracting and Focus Arrangements

Clay Countryman, Partner, Breazeale Sachse & Wilson LLP
​​​​​​​Donald H. Lloyd, II, MBA, President and Chief Executive Officer, CHRISTUS St. Patrick Hospital

  • Overview of compliance with the Stark Law and the Anti-Kickback Statute in hospital-physician contractual relationships.
  • Lessons learned from recent cases and settlements based on hospital-physician relationships, and how to prevent similar issues in your organization.
  • Potential changes being considered to the Stark Law and potential challenges for contractual arrangements with physicians as employees, contractors, and partners.

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Enterprise Risk Assessment and Management Panel

Eden Ezell, VP & Chief Compliance Officer, Ochsner Health System
​​​​​​​Joyce Hall, Member, Watkins & Eager
Aimee Bertrand, CHC, Vice President of Compliance, Schumacher Clinic Partners

  • Enterprise Risk Management and healthcare compliance – where do they intersect?
  • Understanding the Compliance department’s existing role in enterprise Risk Assessment
  • Uncovering your organization’s attitude towards enterprise risk

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Presentation (3 slides/page)

Healthcare Fraud Enforcement Panel

​​​​​​​A.G (Alec) Alexander III, Partner, Breazeale, Sachse & Wilson, LLP

Michael Granston, Director, United States Department of Justice Civil Fraud Section
Corey Amundson, First Assistant, United States Attorney and Criminal Chief, United States Attorney’s Office, Middle District of Louisiana

  • Will outline current federal law enforcement goals, tools, and priorities, including a review of recent and coming activity by the Medicare Fraud Strike Force in this region.
  • Will examine recent DOJ policy changes affecting regional providers, including the Yates Memorandum, and review recent notable FCA court decisions including Escobar and its aftermath.
  • Will explore possible coming changes to the ACA, FCA, and other laws and related regulations affecting regional healthcare compliance professionals and providers.

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Presentation (3 slides/page)