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Handouts - 2016 - Regional - Philadelphia

Philadelphia Regional Compliance Conference
Friday, June 3, 2016
Philadelphia, PA

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Hot Topics in Compliance 

James Sheehan, JD, Chief Integrity Officer/Executive Deputy Commission, New York City Human Resources Administration

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Audit & Reimbursement Challenges in the Changing Healthcare Environment

Robert Bacon, Assistant Vice President & Billing Compliance, Officer, Penn Medicine, University of Pennsylvania Health System

  • Rate of constant change in the healthcare marketplace continues to challenge the compliance professional - Can telehealth services grow in the current restrictive regulatory environment?
  • What are the new areas of concern with the implementation of electronic medical records?
  • Are mergers and acquisitions impacting compliance operations?

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Update on Enforcement Actions from the OIG and US Attorney’s Office

Stuart Silverman, Special Assistant United States Attorney, Office of the Inspector General, District of Columbia

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Responding to a Compliance Investigation

Sean McKenna, Partner, Haynes and Boone, LLP
Bret S. Bissey, MBA, FACHE, CHC, CMPE, Senior Vice President, Compliance Services, MediTract, Inc.

  • Developing a coordinated and planned response to compliance-related investigations; key points to consider when effectively dealing with such events
  • Practical suggestions for conducting internal compliance investigations and addressing identified misconduct in a process designed to ultimately reduce overall organizational risk
  • Legal standards in investigations, proper interviewing techniques, evidence collection, determining when to investigate, who should be performing the investigation, consequences of not doing a full investigation, identifying “conflicted” parties, and more

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Update from the Hill

Kim Brandt, Chief Healthcare Investigative Counsel for Senate US Senate Finance Comm, Min Staff

  • An update on the Senate Finance Committee and its role in healthcare policy.
  • An overview of the healthcare compliance issues before the 114th Congress.
  • Healthcare policy and the 2016 elections: What’s next?

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High Anxiety: A Prescription for Compliance Officer Burnout from the Psychoneurotic Institute for the Very, Very Nervous

Jeffrey B. Miller, Esq.

  • Emerging trends in corporate compliance
  • Challenges to compliance program efficiency and effectiveness
  • Enhancing compliance and increasing efficiency through corporate governance, executive leadership and appropriate financial incentives

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Top Risks of Physician Compliance

Scott Jones, Senior Vice President, Claims, Risk Management & Corporate Compliance, HPIX
Richard Moses, Physician/Attorney

  • Identify the Top 10 Risks of Physician Compliance
  • Discuss real-world examples of physician compliance risks
  • Discuss physician education and engagement with regards to compliance

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